Hello World !

My name is Sikker. I am a mechanical engineer from Denmark that enjoys making stuff and inventing new projects. I very often have too many sideprojects going on.

My drive is working with new types of innovation. From the early disrupting ideas, making them come alive into useful products. I have been involved in projects involving small locking mechanisms, to heavy automated machinery, to the inventions of new materials. I have done simulation of orbitating gears in hydraulic motors and airflow around mite-dispersing quadcopters. I’ve been working with consulting tasks, designing products for the largest companies in Denmark to making manufacturing tools for MAXLAB and CERN particle research.

No matter the task, my ultimate goal is always to ensure projects gets realised - from the first ideas into real products. I can not really share work-related projects here, but you can visit my profile at LinkedIN

When at home, I keep inventing in my workshop, making useless and sometimes useful stuff - but usually these inventions can fit onto a desk.

In my workshop there is a 3D printer, micro CNC, electronic equipment, sensors and microcontrollers - all because I love making and combining stuff. Using Mechanics, Electronics and Programming I can create useful machinery, weird robots or maybe new inventions. Science and DIY projects is a great combination - combined with sharing power of the internet - then it gets really great!

I am also experimenting with trading algorithms for investment strategies. I do not claim to beat professionals (yet), but my strategies are designed to use systematic sound approaches with managed and weighted risks. It is an all-weather inspired portfolio that allows approximately 1/3 of it to be traded using algorithms. The portfolio is also updated here, and most trades and percentage results are shared. Hopefully this systematic strategy can generate enough returns for future inventions.