T-833713 ‘Beetle’


This was a summerproject I made with two fellow students. Our goal was to design, create and build, an autonomous vehicle able to drive as long as possible under a 3 minutes period on a specified path in a maize field.

The purpose of this project was to construct an autonomous robot that can navigate between rows of maize without damaging the crops, at the end of each row it must turn and enter the next row. The specifications of the maize rows were according to the rules of fieldrobotevent2010

Because it was just a summercourse ranging 4 weeks, we didn’t enter the competetion, but it was a really cool project, with a lot of challenges of course. We had a lot of trouble navigating between the rows, but were able to do some maneuvering which you can see in the video.


The design should resemble the physics of an armadillo

YouTube video

There is a video showing the robotic vehicle in action. But it was playing ACDC and YouTube restricted viewing of it. However, the video is embedded into this blog here