Simulation Cardan Shaft


MSc Thesis in cooperation with the company Danfoss Power Solutions. Goal of the project was to model contact interfaces and material stresses as they appear in an orbitating splined cardan shaft using non-linear contact Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Non-Linear Contact Simulation

The cardan shaft is placed in a hydraulic orbitating gear motor, which gives it an interesting motion

Finite Element Model

The cardan shaft was analysed using the software ANSYS 15.0 using 3-dimensional geometry including contact elements and non-linear FEA solution algorithms. The method is to divide the cardan shaft into multiple finite elements. In this case, 1,5 mio triangular elements is making the model of the shaft.

Because of the special motion and gears coming in and out of contact, the simulation model is a non-linear contact model.

Simulation Results

The simulated results gives approximate values of contact pressure, stress and strains in the cardan shaft. Allowing to investigate the structural integrity of the product.

Analysed contact interfaces and stress values obtained in the analysis has been compared with real manufactured and tested specimens. The project concludes a good correlation between results in ANSYS 15.0 and actual physical behavior.

As a result the Finite Element Analysis has led to a better understanding of the splined cardan shaft and might serve as a valuable asset in future improvements related to design and manufacturing of the product.