Igus Robotic Arm


Because robots are fun, and IGUS made this robotic arm that ‘just’ needed some programming of stepper motors..


The robot arm in action. We programmed it with an Arduino - check out the inverse kinematics ! That’s one calm tomato ..


Because we tested the IGUS robotic arm directly using the stepper motors, we made this small board with Arduino components. It was a quick way to do a lot of various tests on the bot.

Final Results

When testing new things, it sometimes goes wrong .. If it does not - maybe you are doing it wrong ? .. When we first began working on the IGUS bot we used the available space in the basement, but we quickly moved upstairs, because the meeting room upstairs was definately much more cozy to be in. The meeting rooms were acutally recently refurbished with brand new table desks. Very nice looking, brand new ..

Then we played around with the IGUS robot, and this happened - a totally unexpected Arduino fault ..

Testing it twice

It actually happened twice. Appearently we pushed the arduino too much - when the speed of all stepper motors combined reached a certain threshold, this happened ..

In case you are wondering - ‘stop’ in danish means ‘stop’ in english ..

You know, .. it did for sure leave a few big scratches on those brand new designer meeting tables .. But, you know .. Trial and Error ..