iToaster Demonstration


I am a member of a toastmasters club, and invented this little device to assist in timing the speeches.


I experimented with a few design iterations. The idea was to have a cylindrical shape at the top, designed as an ‘eye’ watching. It should be possible to rotate it, for convenience making it possible to watch the digital timer or not watch the digital timer.

From the sketches, I decided to make the iToaster cylindrical, giving it a more smooth shape. I also think this shape connects really well with the name it got: ‘iToaster’. For the ‘i’ it looks like the letter ‘i’, but also because it is designed to be an ‘eye’ - watching your speeches. It also connects to the ‘i’ in ‘I am’. Because, very often, when you are doing a speech you are usually sharing something personal. The word ‘toaster’, of course relates to the word ‘toastmaster’ and also simply the ‘toaster’ for bread. Because these devices almost alwyas has an integrated timer.


The device was designed in CAD using only 2 parts. I then 3D printed it using a rather coarse layer settings. Simply to save some time on the prototype build.

After playing around on protoboards, I soldered all the wires.

Final Result

And the final result can be seen below. Of course I did present it in my local Toastmaster Club during a speech :)