Low Poly Key Hangers


I actually wanted to have a keyhanger for quite some time. And it’s not difficult to find a nice and simple design, it is quite easy. I just wanted something with a little more edge to it. Something ‘low poly’, that I could 3D print myself.

My ideas was to use animals and creatures, to make an overall theme. In combination they could make a cool mix, and maybe inspire your adventures, when you are grapping the keys and leave home.

Because I was also on a strict time budget, I went online to thingspeak and look for some designs that were already made and maybe printed as well.


For the chosen designs, all credit must go to the respective designer. Thank you for sharing!

The idea of selecting creatures, cropping, scaling, printing black versions and finally to use them as keyhangers next to my private door - that humble credit goes to me ;)


Designer: neodomien


Designer: EisKalterRusse


Designer: fauxhican

This designer remixed the head from another original model and have also used them for keyhangers.

All Together

Because all creatures are printed individually it is very easy to align them as you please - in my case vertical alignment did the trick.

Ready to go for some adventures ?