Micro CNC


To create my own CNC milling machine, using simple components.


I bought a Proxxon MF70 Mill from Amazon and found a very nice Stepper Motor attachment kit. There are various versions on the net.

For the software I used Arduino and GRBL Shield and software. There are some really nice guides online which I learned a lot from.

After some assemblying and wiring, it is ready to go

Testing Functionality

Design and Manufacture

With a CNC it is possible to design pieces in 3D CAD. I used Autodesk Fusion to do this, and then generate G-Code using their built in CAM part. This software is uploaded to the Arduinio with GRBL shield on the fly, giving instructions to the CNC milling machine.

Final Results

I was quite happy with the final results. Even though I milled in wood the precision was quite high. I made the following piece into a magnet to place on the fridge.

Safety and Storage

To have a convenient storage and also avoid any unnecessary issues or potential dangerous situations, I have used a small plastic container to keep the CNC inside. This also has the added benefit to reduce some of the noise, and to keep the dust and milled chips contained as well.

A really nice and unexpected feature with this box, is the possibility to open and close the ‘door’