Compass Ring


I like to run - especially in the forest. I even share my accumulated kilometres on a year to year basis, mainly to keep track of my own goals. Check latest status here

I found orienteering race to be a great sport. Navigating in the forest with just a simple map can be really fun and rewarding when you find the marker. It just adds multiple layers to the running experience.

When running in the wilderness and navigating with a map, it can really be convenient to use a compass. Just for the purpose of aligning with direction north. For this reason I didn’t need a sophisticated compass or one of the many expensive 100 EUR solutions. I just wanted something small and simple, like a finger ring.

Design and 3D Print

I made this simple design, and to avoid permanent mounting to my finger - the ring is a bit too large. I think it is easy to carry when running in the forrest with a map.

My final design, might not be high precision - but I do think cost price quite competetive - less than 0,2 EUR per piece.

In Use

This solution allows you to have the compass next to the map. Quite convenient.