3D Printer


I really needed a 3D Printer to be able to 3D print some of my designs

I found the Vellemann Vertex K8400 to be quite interessant

3D Printer Build

The Vellemann Vertex K8400 comes as a kit. And it was quite fun to assemble. I did it over a few days.

So nice when it starts to take shape

There are so many printers to choose from. Honestly, a major reason for choosing the Vellemann K8400 is this cool design

The building project was really interesting, however I must admit, on this particular design, aligning the shafts really took a lot of effort and a few trials before I was satisfied.

Testing the 3D Printer

I did not design this part, but found it on Thingiverse. It was one of my first prints, and it is a really nice looking fully assembled 3D printed wrench made by barspin.

3D printing new tools for the workshop !

It is printed in one single piece - and it works !


Mounting a camera on the printer which is connected to Intel HDMI stick. Then it makes streaming to the chromecast quite easy and possible to keep track of the print - finally something interesting in TV !


Having a case for the printer is also a very good idea. I created a simple case using wood and acrylic plastic. I made it quite large. On top there is a suction fan that can throw out the fumes through tubes (and potentially filters) from 3D printing.


After I did assemble the printer, there were some adjustments to made. After these, the results became quite good. This design of “Plunderbuss Pete” can be found online on thingiverse and is made by bendansie.

The print is done in 0,1 mm layers, and took approximately 2 hours. I think the details are satisfactory for this type of printer and print