Robogripper Optimization


A challenge made by Autodesk and GrabCAD. Purpose is to suggest an optimal design for a robotic gripper. Optimizing the design by weight reduction while maintaining structural integrity and strength. The blue box is the original design, it is the design envelope, within the new design has to fit. My suggestion can be seen inside the blue container.

Or in pure form like this

Topology Optimization

I didn’t intend to win the competetion, but I challenged myself to come up with a decent design in <5 hours. I found Topology Optimization to be a good tool for this. It might not be the optimal design, but it is a quick way to reduce material not necessary.

Topology Optimization is a great tool. I used it also for re-designing a jet engine bracket in another similar competetion.


When the new design is suggested by the computer, I manually designed the part from the simulation. Then I did structural simulations to investigate strength and displacement. Safety Factor achieved was >3.0 which was a requirement.

And simulated displacement can be simulated as well - in this case max displacement was estimated as ~1 mm given the static load conditions

New Design

The new design use only 1/3 of the original material. The new design can be 3D printed, laser cut, molded, cnc or stamped. Even though the competetion rules did preffer 3D print as a prime choice.

CAD Files Online

All CAD files are available online if you want to check it out.