Gate of Honour


In Denmark, it is tradition to celebrate a couple, when they have 25 year of marriage. Something that can be directly translated as a ‘Silver Wedding’.

Family and Friends gather at the front door too early in the morning, and wake the sleeping couple with music and singing. When the couple opens the door, to their surprise a gate of honour has been constructed. It is also tradition, that the kids of the couple, make this gate of secretly in the night before. It usually consists of flowers lined, with a shield of armour at the top.

Gate of Honour

Together with my sisters we designed and made this gate of honour for my parents. Because our family name is ‘Rosendal’ and litteraly means valley of roses, we placed roses around the door, and made a shield of armour with a large glowing red rose.

Shield of Armour

The shield of armour is made in a lasercut wood, with oak finish on the surface. It was designed using Inkscape and everything was exported to vector graphics as a PDF version.

Then it was laser cut in wood. Isolation tape was used to avoid the characteristic burning edges, normally seen on laser cut wood.

It glows in the dark

At the back of the shield, we placed a led lamp which can change colours on the fly using a remote control. For the gate with red roses, I think the red light, really gave it a nice look.