Custom Made Brackets


An institution in Denmark had a need for making secure mountings of wiereless thermostats. They contacted a large company and received an offer from them. The suggestion was to use metal powder coated casings - and the offer ended being very expensive.

A colleague and me decided to take a more simple approach and design custom made brackets that could be 3D printed. They agreed to buy 50 brackets in total, to what could be the fraction of the cost for the first offer.

Manufacturing on a 3D printer

First the 3D CAD model were sliced into G-Code using Simplify3D Software

Then every bracket was manufactured on my personal 3D printer.

Manufacturing Holes

To drill holes, we made a small tool. That seemed to be a better and more clean solution than “printing” holes in the brackets


To test the strength of a single bracket, I used an electronic suitcase weight with strain gauges. Doing a few test gave good results. Only very little permanent deformation could be seen on brackets after 20 hours of 12 kg permanent load.

An additional test was done using an unfinished print (only 50% done). It was possible to pull with a force of 25 kg for a short time. The bracket was permanently defomed, but it did not break during the test. That is a very decent proof of strength assuming the plastic brackets can endure over time. In comparison, the two screws mounting into the drywall is nominated at 10 kg.

Final Solution

The Final result, fits very nice onto the wireless thermostat. The design makes it easy to have just a single bracket, or maybe two attached simultaneously. Depending on the user needs

And it can be seen here mounted on the wall