Trebuchet Time


This is a Trebuchet, sized 1:10 - giving it a total height of 2.0 meters including the throwing mechanism, when this is in a vertical position. I designed it with the purpose to throw tennis balls for my dog

It was a small summer project in my vacation, and I didn’t finish the build. However I did throw a few balls - just manually.


I found a picture of a nice Trebuchet. I used it to do the CAD files and also used the men on the picture to scale approximate measures. I assumed the men are french.

Then I did a 3D CAD drawing in Autodesk Inventor, it is made with the purpose to build, including holes, cut-outs etc. It should be possible to build using the CAD files. I did start on the build, but did only manage to make the base.

CAD Files Online

The complete design, including all CAD files are available online - if you want to check out the details.