This was my mechanical engineering Bachelor Project. I made this together with a fellow student. Our goal was to find an unique solution for a waterpumping windmill. Then we came up with this funny concept. Even though the principles are rather simple, and already known, it was rather challenging to combine them in an efficient way.

Also it was challenging to calculate everything before actual construction. The power from the barrels, depends on the wind, which affect the amount of water the pump is pumping. Therefore it was just cool actually to be able to see it in action - which now you can as well.

Engineer Without Borders Student Section

We made this project in cooperation with the organization ‘Engineers Without Borders’ (student section) and the project was intended to aid people all over the world. We wanted to create a robust, simple and mobile product that was possible to move to areas where there are occurencies of water, and enough wind to drive the turbine. The key word was therefore “simplicity” and it was the intention that the product will be ‘help to be selfreliant’ for the local population and maybe eventually will create inspiration to find up new solutions.

In our process to come up with an unique solution, we had very different ideas in the beginning. Narrowing it down to only two different concept was tough - but I think our best ideas was actually based on two different pump types. Centrifugal pump and a diaphragm pump. The gear was supposed to create more roation for the centrifugal pump or to create more torsion for the diaphragm pump.

Well, We decided to proceed with the diapragm pump, and everything was created in a 3D environment. Trying to make sure everything could be built from local materials available in the third world. We focused on being able to reuse several components, including parts from a used bike, so we expected that the waterpumping windmill actually can be manufactured, serviced and repaired by the users.

And finally, the result was a working concept .. It might have possible improvements of course, but I think we created something unique .. Take a look at this video, I hope you enjoy it ..

By the way .. The concept was named Yggdrasil after Norse Mythology. This is the tree of life whose roots spread out in three worlds. World of death, World of Giants and World of humans. All worlds are governed by the gods. Yggdrasil sucks the water from a well from each world and thus becomes a focal point for all the realms. If the tree dies, the world will end. In the crown of the tree, sits a large eagle, and when it flaps its wings, it blows in the world …

Drawing and Assembly Guide

Check out the complete set of drawings. We intended to make this project free to all users, so feel free to download all the necessary drawings for this project. But you should do this at your own responsibilty.

All 3D files and necessary drawings are made available here

YouTube video

There is a video showing the windmill and assembly process in action on YouTube. It had a good deal of views, but it was playing ACDC and YouTube restricted viewing of it. However, the video is embedded into this blog here